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We know that you’re anxious to access your purchase - so we promise to take up as little of your valuable time as possible. Before you’re on your way, we’d like to offer up an incredible way for you to build value and generate traffic for your social posts.

It’s no secret that one of the most shared forms of social media content is quotes from noteworthy individuals and celebrities. People just can’t get enough of them. And they can be an incredible evergreen tool to help make YOU memorable and build your authority.

Here’s why experts say using quotes in social media marketing is so powerful:

Quotes in general are some of the most shared content on Facebook.

Simple, branded quotes create an emotional connection with your audience and are highly shareable.

Quotes are always re-shared like crazy. This is one of those things that’s almost sure to work no matter how many times you do it. Quotes never get old.

Ann Smarty

While it’s clear that using quotes in your marketing can help you gain a lot of attention in your market fast, there is a drawback. It can be extremely time consuming to find the right quotes to help brand and position you as an authority in your niche. To create even more impact, quotes should be paired with an eye-catching image. It that can be a real hassle to find images you can use without restriction.

Who Has Time To Look For
Relevant Marketing Quotes? You Do!

Forget hours spent combing through site after site looking for impressive quotes and memorable images to pair with them.

The Social Zen team has set out to solve the three issues holding you back from using more quotes in your marketing:

  • 1

    Finding the right quotes to capture the imagination of your audience

  • 2

    Sourcing images you can use worry free with your quotes

  • 3

    A way to combine your quotes and images to create visually appealing social media posts

We’ve created a add-on module for Social Zen that pulls in
keyword based quotes directly into the dashboard via API from these high-profile sources:

Not only that . . . we’ve also included one million images to use with your quotes
(without any worry of copyright infringement.)

And for the icing on the cake: We’ve also added an advanced (yet simple to use) image editor which allows you to resize images, enhance them with filter effects and add text to your quotes!

Getting More Traffic with this Quote Generator add-on for Social Zen is an Easy 2-Steps Process:

   Step 1   

   Step 2   

You’re Just Minutes Away From Creating
A Traffic Churning Shareable Quote!

If you’ve ever looked for quotes to share, you know it can be time consuming to find just the right quote. Sometimes you have to sift through dozens of sites to find the right words!

With Social Zen Quotes, you’ll receive more than the perfect quote to share.

You’ll have access to beautiful background images you can add your quotes to (complete with an editor to add custom fonts, change your font colors, resize your images, and do tasks such as bold, italicize, center and justify text.)

You’ll be able to create a custom quote that looks like it’s come straight from a designer in just minutes with Social Zen Quote.

Here are just a Few Examples of the Beautiful Shareable Quotes Created with Social Zen Quote:

As gorgeous as these shareable quotes are, you might wonder. . .

How Do These Quotes Help Me Get Traffic?”

You might love the idea of sharing quotes on social media, but wonder where the best places to post them are?
Nearly every social media network gets sky-high engagement from sharing quotes. Quotes are are a natural for almost every social media site! Here is some rock-solid proof:


Has some very active quotes communities among its 4 to 6 million members who engage, interact and post publicly:


Numerous Quotes boards to follow created by some of its 150 million monthly users...


Over 1 billion active users have created numerous FanPages solely dedicated just to quotes...


Features 37 million quotes on the timelines of its 100 million monthly users:


Quotes are extremely popular among Tumblr’s 550 million monthly users too:


320 million users love Quotes too!

The social platform users already putting quotes to work for them are onto something very powerful
for creating jaw-dropping engagement, likes and shares.  
See for yourself!

Over 800k Views On A Shared Quote Can’t Be Wrong!

If you have any doubt about how much engagement can be created from quotes, doubt no more. Check out the number of likes and shares BuzzSumo reports from some select inspirational quotes.

One post alone has generated over 800K views!

When you see these kind of mind-blowing results, it’s hard to argue about the value of sharing quotes . . . particularly if you focus your quote sharing efforts on Facebook and Pinterest. And of course, we we’re all about automation as well as engagement here at Social Zen. That’s why . . .

Social Zen Automatically Publishes Your Quotes ToYour Favorite Social Networks!

We developed Social Zen to help us automate our own social media posting.

So when we decided to include a Quote tool with this upgrade of Social Zen, we also made it easy to post the quotes to all of your social networks.

Select the networks you want to post your quotes to . . . and Social Zen will distribute them to your networks.

No need to individually upload your quotes to your social accounts. Handle it from inside the Social Zen dashboard.

Now that’s you’ve seen what quotes can do to create massive engagement you could be thinking. . .

“Yes, I Want This Quote Tool . . . But How Much Will It Set Me Back?”

When you consider how much engagement and FREE traffic you can create with Social Zen Quote, you’ll think it’s a bargain at any price.

However, we think you’ll be delighted with how little we’re asking for this valuable Social Zen upgrade today. Because this is the initial public launch of Social Zen, we’re extending special launch pricing on the Quote module upgrade as well.

Similar stand-alone quote builders sell for far more.

We may decide to offer the Quote module up as a stand alone product with a few more bells and whistles after this launch closes, which means an excellent opportunity for you NOW.

As an early adopter of Social Zen Quote upgrade you’ll save BIG by securing your copy now.

For the duration of this launch, we’re offering the Quote upgrade package for Social Zen for only . . .

So why wait and pay more later? Especially when your purchase is completely covered by our 30-day refund policy.

Try out Social Zen Quotes today. Enjoy more social traffic and authority in just minutes from now . . . without spending hours to hunt down images or quotes!


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