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Once again, we’d like to thank you for putting your trust in us. With Social Zen, you’re on your way to building a massive social presence. You now have everything you need to drive MASSIVE social traffic to your offers.

Before you access your purchase, we’d like to offer you an additional tool to make your order complete. While you absolutely don’t need this tool to use Social Zen to get you all the traffic you can handle . . . it can DEFINITELY help you cloak, track and manage any affiliate links you post to your social profiles.

Here are the reasons why that’s important to you earning MORE with affiliate and CPA marketing . . . and how this link cloaking upgrade can help you get these results.

What Link Cloaking is...
...And Why YOU Should Be Doing It 

Anyone who is serious about CPA and/or affiliate will tell you that you should be cloaking your affiliate links. If you’re not sure what ‘link cloaking’ means, in this instance it means to hide your links. When we say hiding, we don’t mean to make your links disappear. Instead, we mean to shorten them so they are more memorable and unique to you. Affiliate links can look suspicious to a reader because of the tracking codes they contain. This reduces the chances anyone will click on your affiliate link - much less purchase from it!

An uncloaked affiliate link looks something like this in its raw form:

Many people would avoid clicking of a link that looks like that, because there’s no indication of its destination URL. Your visitors could be suspicious if they click on a link like that they’ll end up being sent to malware from the depths of hell!

If you cloak your affiliate/CPA links, they instantly appear more user friendly and clickable. Your visitor can see the destination URL of the link at a glance. This gives them reassurance that they are dealing with a reputable website.

A cloaked link looks similar to the example below.

While getting more clicks on your affiliate links is a great reason to cloak your links, it’s only the start. Here are more solid reasons to cloak your affiliate links.

7 Reasons Link Cloaking

  • 1

    Link tracking

    as well as making your affiliate links look more user friendly, shortened links can be tracked against what a vendor reports. If there is too big of a discrepancy in favor of the vendor, look for another affiliate program.

  • 2

    Merchant changes affiliate platform

    if you’ve sent out affiliate links through all of your social profiles, you could take a serious income hit if your vendor changes platforms (say from JVZoo to Zaxaa.) Then your links will no longer be active, and you won’t receive any commissions. If you use a link cloaker, you can just change the vendor’s link to the new platform with a minimum of fuss, and you’ll still receive all the commissions owing to you.

  • 3

    Prevents link swapping

    we hate to say it, but some affiliates use scripts that will change your affiliate links to theirs. This means they’ll get the commissions that are rightfully yours. Link cloaking hides your affiliate ID from these kind of scripts so you get credit for the sale, not your competition.

  • 4

    Improves email delivery rates

    many affiliate links trigger email spam filters. Cloaked links ensure your emails get delivered to your customer’s inbox, instead of straight to their spam folder.

  • 5

    Protects against ad blockers

    ad blockers scan for affiliate links, which prevents your banners from being seen by your visitors. Cloaking your links makes sure your banner ads stay visible to website traffic.

  • 6

    Avoid search penalties

    Google doesn’t particularly like affiliate links, so one way to avoid losing ranking is to add a ‘rel=nofollow” attribute to your links. Link cloakers make it easy to copy and paste this attribute to the end of your link.

  • 7

    Useful for split testing

    easily track which of your ad variations performs best by assigning different cloaked links to them.

So we decided to check out tools to help us automate to grow and interact with our social audience.

Social Zen Auto Link Generator

There’s no need to set up a separate script for cloaking your links when you can do it inside the Social Zen dashboard.

With a single click, you can generate up to 50 CLICKABLE cloaked links.

You’ll have all the cloaked links you need to get leads and make sales on:

Social Zen Auto Link Generator has an additional big benefit if you want to promote offers on social networks.

Affiliate Link Blocking

Affiliate/CPA link blocking on social media platforms has been a problem for marketers for some time.

Regardless of how perfectly legitimate an offer might be, it can be next to impossible to promote on social media. Many social networks put blanket bans on all affiliate links - so visitors don’t get sent to your affiliate/CPA offers.

If you’re running paid traffic, this is a disaster. Your campaign will bleed red ink fast!

Your income could be seriously affected.

With Social Zen’s link generator, your problem of blocked affiliate links vanishes for good. Finally - you’ll be able to promote ANY product you want on any social media platform, whenever you want.

The Benefits are immense
And the Price is Rock Bottom Low!

Other link cloakers only generate a single link at a time.

Our link cloaker generates up to 50 links at a single go.

  • This saves you tons of time, especially when Social Zen automates posts to several social networks at once.
  • No tedious generating links separately for each one of your social networks.
  • And you’ll also have all the link variations you need for split testing purposes.
  • Test the performance of your offers on different social networks.
  • Split test headlines, body text, images or whatever you can dream up.
  • Feel confident prospects won’t hesitate to click on your links.

Purchase Social Zen Auto Link Generator in complete confidence. Your purchase is covered by our 30-day guarantee.

Grab this offer now, because you’ll never see if offered at this price again. The price will rise significantly in the future - and we are considering limiting the number of links which can be generated in a month.

Right now, you can generate as many links as you need, 50 at a time without limit.

So don’t wait.

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